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2022/12/15 17:40:42

10.000 Non-Instanced Animations

I finally managed to get the animation pipeline of my game engine client done:

Models: Synty
Animations: Mixamo

Daniel Rosenfeld

The .gif recorder takes 13 frames off.
This is running on a 1050 Ti.

The skeleton (!) has 48 bones and the skins are around 2.500 triangles.

The framerate is one thing but latency is another, just like high bandwidth does not guarantee that your ping will be low: this engine has the lowest latency I have ever felt by far, we'll se how it manages when I add the world and physics!

You can compare the motion-to-photon latency by watching the mouse pointer; compared to Unity/Unreal or AAA engines this adds nothing but frame latency, it's as close to C64 latency you'll ever get on modern hardware.

It also scales down, meaning it won't burn your CPU high without reason. It uses ~5% of one core at 100 animations which means it scales better than linear which I can't explain yet the GPU draws more energy! but computers are magic.

Keyword: animation collada opengl


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