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2024/02/09 18:00:10

Preview Alpha

Raspberry 4 on the left and Windows/X86 on the right:

Jetson Nano 2GB:

Preview Alpha is approaching, the engine can handle
2.500 non-instanced animated characters at 60 FPS on 1050Ti.

You can download a teaser (only win/x86 now) here
(install vc_redist and use play.bat script to launch)
Older release with ARM linux: here
Newer release for Risc-V: here
If you are crazy enough to run this try pressing "F", "spacebar" and "+".

What's done so far:

- ARM/RISCV Linux (wm & .so hot-deploy)
- X86 Windows (wm & .dll hot-deploy)
- UNIT (mesh & bone from .dae)
- MOVE (animation from .dae)
- PART (mesh from .obj)
- SKIN (texture from .tga)
- FONT (from .ttf)
- ITEM to bone mapping
- VEIL SkyBox
- TONE (audio from .wav)
- SAVE/LOAD .dae/.tga/.obj/.wav binary.
- .zip and .flz compression + half float for final file formats Raspberry 4 does not support 1/2 floats....

Here is what remains before release:

- Bind t-pose for items attachement.
- Animation data as Quat/Vec3!
- FILE (list patch files from the most recent file you have)
- Make API workable!
    - Quat/Vec3 to Matrix and back!!!
    - LookAt to Quat (don't forget to conjugate)
- Multiplayer (mostly done)
    - TEXT (command line interface)

Stuff that will be done after release:

- VR for windows!
- WILD/PUSH/PULL remote resource and .dll/.so hot-deply.
- PLAY character camera control
- BUMP physics
- LAND (rudimentary procedural terrain, maybe voxel with surface nets)
- TUNE (play instruments together ingame)
- TALK new language: talk.
- WORD (add words here, comment to suggest)

- Deterministic random12 for distributed procedural generation and instantiated trees:

float rand_from_seed(inout uint seed) { int k; int s = int(seed); if (s == 0) s = 305420679; k = s / 127773; s = 16807 * (s - k * 127773) - 2836 * k; if (s < 0) s += 2147483647; seed = uint(s); return float(seed % uint(65536)) / 65535.0; }

A bold prediction: engine compiler

Keyword: hello world


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